Hikeshi has a diameter of only 1036 kilometers which makes it the smallest planet in the Thepu system. The planet has an earth like atmosphere, the plains consists of grass with a river crossing and therefore it could be inhabited by humans. Hikeshi has some mountains where Aturkiinia is the largest with a height of 3543 meters. Aturkiinia is the only mountain where the peak is constantly covered in snow.

Hikeshi is made with low poly textures and only five colours. As a result the look is very catoon like. The main body consists of two spheres where surfaces of the outer sphere are deleted and as a result the river is created. To create the mountains I made a selection of surfaces and substracted them from the outer sphere. I also added some threes to give the sizes some perspect. Because I like to share. The project are avaiable for download so you van create your own tiny planet. Interested? Contact me and I will sent you the Cinema 4D project files.

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